selected projects

post-ai long-term project researching social systems through machines that play and communicate #postai

the representative ai mediated presence and social system (2019)

simtouch soft robot controller (ios app) (2019)

hostile environment facility training (heft) installation (2018)

soft robot / emotion detection (electron app) (2017)

imperfect vr manifesto & workshops (2016+)

gut brain society / 2nd brain (2016+)

klingklangklong playful system (2014+)

spiel 1 brain-computer-interface experience / performance (2013+)

secret city season I mobile augmented reality game (2012/13)

„...[wirkt] wie eine neckische Version von Dan Browns Verschwörungsfantasien...“,

gardening guerrilla and speed gardening guerilla (2012)

„Probably the ,Farmville‘ of guerrilla gardening games.“   Sebastian Quack, Invisible Playground

Commissioned by: Playpublik 2012, w00t 2013, medialab Prado 2013, Malta Festival 2014, Playful Arts Festival 2014

tidy city location based game (2008+)

tripventure mobile mixed reality game platform (consulting) (2011-13)

études prototypes, workshops, talks, theatre android/bci/pd/arduino

20000 nanometers under the sea microscopic mixed reality game (2010+)

eine gegen eine experimental board game (2009)

apo fest large scale event game / mechanism (2007)

acp murder mystery event game (2007)

grand tour 1765 board game (2007)

dogville / babledog location based game concept (2006)

grand tour large scale event game (2006)

virtual golf location based game concept (2005)


creative coding and playful system development in various environments: ios/swift, android/kotlin, unity/c#, aframe/javascript, keras/python, unreal engine/cinder/open frameworks/c++, processing/java, twine, pico-8/lua, pure data, tidal, haskell


postgraduate certificate in academic practice (distinction)

fellow of the higher education academy

award leader / lecturer game arts and design at plymouth university (2017/18)

module leader / lecturer strategies for digital art and technology at nanjing university of the arts (2018)

MOOC the future of storytelling“ lesson: location based/ar games (2013)

associate lecturer „gödel, escher, bach“ at leuphana university lüneburg (2013)

By tying a highly playful and „eternal golden“ braid of formal systems and artistic expression, Douglas Hofstadters seminal work resonates with me in a lot of the ways working on playful experiences does.

associate lecturer creative coding at leuphana university lüneburg (2012/2013)

associate lecturer game design at leuphana university lüneburg (2012)

master class workshop - location based games, mdh munich (2012)

workshop - minimizing game concepts, university of augsburg (2008)


marie curie / cognovo research fellow plymouth university (2014+)

diplom-informatiker friedrich-alexander-universität erlangen-nürnberg (1999)

for current publications see or researchgate

events / workshops / exhibitions / conferences / talks

29c3, 31c3, 32c3, 35c3, a-maze berlin 2013 (workshop), 2017 (hypertalk), ar world 2010, arena 2012 with klangtapete, balance unbalance 2017 (non-sense of place. three interventions), clash of realities cologne 2012, 2015, cognitive futures in the humanities oxford 2015, digital art and technology 2015, digra/fdg dundee 2016, droidcon berlin 2010, 2011, droidcon tunis 2012, easterhegg 2010, electromagnetic field guildford 2016 (Imperfect VR), fascinate 2014, feral vector 2015, fulldome uk 2014, gamescamp munich, gesellschaft für informatik bremen 2013, gulaschprogrammiernacht 2011, 2012, hack the brain amsterdam 2016, hyperkult 2011, 2012, isea hong kong 2016, making the city playable 2014, malta festival poznan 2014, mediacity plymouth 2015, mobile camp dresden 2012, off the lip plymouth 2015, philosophy of computer games berlin 2015, photonic camp 2012, placcc festival budapest 2012, playbour - work, pleasure, survival 2018, playin siegen 2015, playpublik 2012, 2014, prototype 2014, quo vadis deutsche gamestage 2012, sigint 2010, smart cognitive science amsterdam 2015, solid interfaces and urban games 2013, soundart curating conference 2014, tiwwa at tate modern with i-dat 2016, totem summerschool 2012, undivided mind plymouth 2015, wherecamp 2012, researching games 2011, 2012, 2016, weilburger spielautorentagung 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, w00t 2013, you are go! 2011

hackathons / game jams

devfest berlin / vhack android 2012 („piepsendroid“), global game jam 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, google io 2011 adk showcase finalist („android reads my brain“), ludum dare 2008, mixed reality game design / gamecity 2014, music hackday berlin 2011 („zmb research project“), amsterdam 2012 („robotic bunny project“), barcelona / sonar 2015 (“clap”), nordic game jam 2015, web audio hack day berlin 2015

initiator / co-host of the german location at the global game jam 2009

professional services

want to make the next Pokémon Go? does „gamification“ make sense for your organization? are you planning a game or playful experience for your event (any size, complexity, target group)? do you feel that getting an external game designer on board will help your game (analog, digital, mixed-reality)? need uncompromising quality management for your game? planning a workshop for teaching coding or game design? want to discuss autopoietic machines? gödel, escher, bach? third culture? augmented reality? 

contact me to discuss your project and receive a quote.


The 3-part Imperfect VR Manifesto (2016, english)

Towards Play Design For Machines (ISEA 2016,english)

Seminarbeschreibung „Einführung in Creative Coding“ (Leuphana 2012/13, deutsch)

Seminarbeschreibung „Grundlagen des Gamedesign“ (Leuphana 2012, deutsch)

Anmerkungen zur Rolle der Sanktion in Spielen (researching games 2012, deutsch)

Creative Adventures with Audio on Android (Droidcon Tunis 2012, english)

Die Welt ist unser Spielfeld - Location Based Games (Quo Vadis 2012, deutsch)

The World is our Playground - Location Based Games (Wherecamp 2012, english)


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What does it mean to play? Children know. We forgot.

What we are moving into is [...] the Ludic Century, an age that is characterized by play.

Eric Zimmerman 

Michael Straeubig